About Our Services

We start our job at the point of origin by filing the required docments and electronic notices insuring the most possible clearance experience..

We provide customs clearance solutions for businesses of all sizes including project companies, wholesalers, retailers and e-commerce businesses and even private individuals. Our tailored service can take the headache out of every type of importation.

Services Overview

ISF 10+2 filings are prompt and accurate

ISF filings are required and if not doing properly you can incure large fines. CSI is watching of all requirements and make sure its done "On Time" and accurate.

Prior to any arrivals we are already working in your behalf. Preclearance filing and making sure that all advance arrangements are done.


Know the status of your shipment "Online"

We provide a direct view of US Customs and Border Protection clearance notices on our website.

Need your product delivered anywhere in the country? CSI can make all the arrangement at the lowest possible cost.



"One item that is often overlook is the communications regarding your shipment. No problem with CSI and their online clearance view. Easy and Acccurate all the time."
Norbert Juergen
"Using CSI has really been a breeze. No worries and no problems. Great job guys!"
Jim Green
"I had problems in the past where special processing or handling was required. CSI stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. You hear it alot that they are the best. In my book they really are"
Patrick Kent
"Fantastic capabilities with their shipment tracking! I can directly download into Excel and make my own management reports.."
John McDowell
"When I get bogged down with questions that I don't truly know the answers to, I call CSI. When it comes to shipping, no problem, when a delivery needs to be made, I have the network, but when it comes to US Customs rules and regulations, I have no clue, so what do I do, I contact CSI and they get me out of trouble.."
Jessica Plean