Specialized Services

Wine and Spirits.

CSI is a leader in the Wine and spirits transportation industry. Located in St Louis we service the entire country. With our many years of experience we can consult and assist you on properly exporting your wine and spirits. Our experienced staff can assist your clients with clearance and delivery.


Customized Systems and Services

If you want personalized reports, custom procedures tailored to your specifications you have come to the right place. We do that better than anyone else. We listen, present ideas and make suggestions, and implement them until the program is exactly what you want. We have invested heavily in technology and are proud of our state of the art hardware and software systems - the very backbone of our company. From simple entries to the most complex and almost everything in between, we have the expertise to research and guide you through the complex Customs entry process.

More than Shipment Tracking

Need to produce customized management report?.

Our shipment tracking system is much more that just a simple view of our clearanes. Any broker should be able to do this with ease. At CSI we have taken a giant leap forward by making your information directly accessable and imeditally usable in a word format, Excel or other data import protocals. If you don't see it the we want to know and we make it happen.

Shipment Services

Single Source

An experienced professional, not an entry-level clerk, will handle your Customs entries. No matter what the issue is, your point of contact will know what resources to call upon to get you the answer you need. The small to mid-size importer now has a single source to turn to for Customs clearance and any questions that arise from the entry process

C-TPAT Validated

our firm became validated as a member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.

Any carrier's mode of transport

We can do it all. All types of transportation modes and any type of entries.